What I'm Wearing Wednesday and Giveaway Winners.

Happy 4th of July to all of my American friends!  I've been seeing your blog post and Insta pics and it looks like your having a blast.  I know I'm late but I'm linking up with Jivey again for What I'm Wearing Wednesday.

 Here is my look from Monday.  I went shopping but bought NOTHING!  It's winter here but doesn't get too cold so I can pretty much wear my wardrobe all year round. 

Rings - Karen Walker/Tiffany & Co
Top - Forever 21
Vest - Glassons
Jeans - Levis
Boots - Peeptoe Shoes
I've joined the #stylemejuly challenge by Hilary Rush and am loving it.  This was from Day 1 -
Polka Dot Shot.
Necklace - Lovisa
Top - Mia
Jacket - Temt
Pants - Kookai
Shoes - Nine West

Here is what I wore today while running some errands.  I love my converse. 
They are uber comfy and chic (for a sneaker).

Top - Country Road
Pants - Glassons
Shoes - Converse
Bag - Mimco
Watch/Bracelet - Mimco
See what I'm wearing at whattheteacherwears - click on Instagram button.
Head over to Jivey's to see some great outfit ideas.
Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway.  The 3 lucky winners are:
  • Melissa
  • Cherie
  • Jessica
Your number lines are coming to your inboxes soon ladies.

Let's hang out the numbers.

Yay, I found some creative mojo today and finished my new products.  Introducing my new series called 'Make a Number Line'.  For the first instalment, I've used From the Pond's winter clothes set.  The idea of this product is for students to engage in any lesson to do with number/place value and physically hang the numbers to create a number line.  I developed this idea (you guessed it) hanging out my washing. 

Here is how I created my number lines.

Print the cards to A3 and laminate.  I found a tall container that fits the string, pegs and cards.  Make sure that the string or rope you will use is durable and at least 3 metres long.
The photo above shows the 0-100 pack.  As a starting point you can ask the students with the 0, 50 and 100 cards to put their numbers on the number line first.  This will make it easier for the other students and then can lead into discussions about 'what half of a number is?'.
Sorry for the crammed number line - needed to squish for the photo.  Thanks to my partner too who is hiding behind the corner holding this up.  You could call students out one or two at a time to put their number on the line.  They could work individually or with a partner.  If a student puts the number in the incorrect place you or the other students could guide them to where the number should go. 

It's very important for students to understand number placement and this activity can be used as a great class lesson.  I've made four packs in the winter clothes set 0-20, 0-50, 0-100 and 0-1000. 
Keep reading to see how you can grab a pack for yourself!

To celebrate I'm going to be giving 3 lucky people the chance to win all 4 number line sets.  To enter click on the Rafflecopter and enter your details.  If you can't wait, click on the picture for each pack and it will take you to my TpT shop.  They are all HALF PRICE for the next 24 hours.  With school not so far away, these are a steal and a lot of fun.

Make a Number Line - Numbers to 20 - Winter Clothes Set
Make a Number Line - Numbers to 50 - Winter Clothes Set
Make a Number Line - Numbers to 100 - Winter Clothes Set

Make a Number Line - Numbers to 1000 - Winter Clothes Set

Good luck!

Currently July

July is here already, oh boy.  I'm linking Farley for Currently, here's what I'm up to.

Listening - I love listening to Triple J.  It's not everyone's cup of tea but I dig it.  It is completely ad free and plays a lot of non commercial radio songs which I like to bop around to. 
Loving - I'm absolutely loving my new Instagram venture.  I've meet so many great new 'teacher fashion friends'.  I'm currently taking part in the #stylemejuly photo challenge.  You should join too.  I'm already one day in and having so much fun creating looks and seeing what others are doing too.  Click on my Instagram button to take you there.
P.S. Love that I now have an Instagram button!
Loving - It's been a while since I've uploaded a new product to TpT.  I really need to get some motivation and finish my latest products. 
Wanting - Hello deliveries, where are you???  Since starting whattheteacherwears I have found some great websites that have some great cheap fashion buys and FREE DELIVERY.  I'm waiting for two skirts, a top and two necklaces.  Check out Choies and Chicwish.
Needing - MORE TIME.  I can't believe the first week of holidays are nearly over......
4th Plans - Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers.  We obviously don't celebrate here but I'm going to the Eat.Street.Markets for dinner and can't wait. 
Going to head to Farley's now to see what you are currently doing.

I like to MOVE IT, MOVE IT

They're here, they're here.  Yes the holidays are here.  Just in time too, as I have a nasty cold - yuck!  In the region I work in there has been a big focus this year on presenting lessons based in the 'I do, We do, You do' John Fleming format.  Before we start our lessons we have been using warm-ups.  They are just quick activities to get the students switched on before we start teaching.   For warm ups I use flashcards, PPTs, games etc.  One of my favourite things to use are The Primary Techie's MOVE ITS.  Sometimes I also use them as a reflection or brain break too. 

MOVE ITS are a great way for kids to practice skills, burn some energy, and help them get fit. There are so many great ones to choose from covering compound words to counting.  Depending on what one you have, each slide will show a problem for your students' to answer. You can choose for your class to write answers on white boards, the worksheet included, or answer orally. As you play, the game is interrupted for physical challenges. Animated timers count to 30 seconds while fun music plays. At the end, there is a bonus "Move it Marathon". Students must do each workout for 10 seconds. 

My favourite would be Ocean Theme Working on Teen Numbers MOVE IT!
Here is the preview file from TpT.







I currently own 10 but do count on adding more to my collection.  There are currently 83 different ones to choose from.  Find them here.  

I just love all the things Autumn creates :) 
Head over to her blog to see some more of her amazingness!

What I'm Wearing Wednesday

One more day, one more day!
Ahhhh holidays are so close I can smell them. 
Today I'm linking up with Jivey for What I'm Wearing Wednesday. 

This week I started an Instagram account called whattheteacherwears - http://instagram.com/whattheteacherwears - check it out.  This is where I will post outfit ideas for teachers.  The photos I am posting are from my Instagram page.

I am loving the monochrome trend right now and started the week off with this look. 

Pocket Printed Tee - Portmans - Here
Ankle Zip Sateen Pant - Glassons - Here
2 Layer Alloy Necklace - Adorne - Here
Mouse Ballerina Flat - Marc by Marc Jacobs - Here  

If you know me you know that I lovvvvve
a statement necklace and wear one nearly everyday.  They just make any outfit POP.  A neon blazer helps too.

Boxy Tee - Portmans - Here
Blazer - Bardot
Midi Skirt - Cue
Flats - Mimco
Tribal Necklace - Lovisa - Here

Thanks for stopping by.

Let's Talk about Books!

Wow, this is my third link up with Deanna's Let's Talk about Books.  I am pretty proud of myself that I have been keeping on top of my blogging.  Here in Aus, the school term is nearly over.  Only 2 more days and then 2 weeks off. 

I am so excited about my new venture that I have started.  It's an Instagram account called whattheteacherwears.  Here, I post outfit ideas suitable for teachers - check it out http://instagram.com/whattheteacherwears.

My book for this is week is one I found through the CAFE Reading forums called

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous!
The only thing Roger likes better than exploring the world around him is describing it. Roger describes most things as fabulous!
What a fabulous man in a fabulous hat.  What a fabulous tie, or perhaps a cravat?  
What a fabulous boot, what a fabulous shoe.  What a fabulous suit made of fabulous blue.  What a fabulous dog, what a fabulous cat.  What a fabulous this, what a fabulous that.  What a fabulous boy, what a fabulous girl.  What a fabulous day, what a fabulous world.
They decided that Roger needed to stop saying fabulous and gawking at everything around town. They told him that fabulous was now the one word that he was NOT allowed to use.  Instead of moping, Roger found different ways to say the same word.
What a wonderful bridge, what a beautiful boat.  What an elegant queen on a dazzling float.  What a glorious band, what a magical song.  
At the end, Roger's parents start to see how he views the world and join along.
This is a great story for
  • Expanding Vocab
  • Synonyms
  • Rhyme
  • The old style of the illustrations
Grab your copy here from The Book Depository
This is where I get most of my books from. 
Check out many other great reads at Mrs Jump's Class.

Workin' on it - Minus the Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with the KiderGals for Workin' on it Wednesday/Friday here in Aus.  This is a product that I have been working on for a month now.  I think I have finally found the motivation to get my robot into gear (this will make sense soon) and finish it over the weekend.

When I went to a new year level mid way through the first term, I didn't have many resources for my new grade.  So TpT was my first point of call.  We were looking at 3 digit addition and subtraction.  After the first lesson I knew that my class was ready to work with regrouping.  I went onto TpT but couldn't find exactly what I was after, so I came up with Regrouping Robots.

This pack will have 10 different addition and subtraction activities with and without regrouping.  I just love the robots and of course the are From the Pond - find them here.  Stay tuned because when I have finished there may be some copies up for grabs.

Head over to the KinderGals blog to see what others are workin' on.


Let's Talk about Books!

I'm linking up with Deanna Jump's Let's Talk about Books Linky.  Last week I shared one of my favourite counting picture books.  Today I've decided to turn up the volume with
Too Loud Lily.

Lily Hippo is too loud.
She sings too loudly, she laughs too loudly, and everyone knows when she is around. At home she disturbs the peace and wakes the baby.

At school she gets her friends into trouble. She can't help it.
But one day a new teacher, Miss Loopiola, comes to school to teach music and drama, and Lily discovers that she is doing exactly the right thing at last.
When the school play comes around, Lily finds she is loud in just the right way.
This is such a sweet, lovely story about finding your place.
Reminds me of myself at times.
I hope you enjoy this story as much as I do.

Now click on the pic to take you to Deanna's Link to find some other great reads.


Angles, Angles, Angles

Two weeks ago we learnt all about angles.  It was a really fun topic to teach as the students hadn't done any work on this before.  They knew about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, but not much about angles.  Before we started I asked them what they knew about angles and one of them said that it was something that flew in the sky! 

We did a lot of hands on work at the start of the week making the different types of angles and locating them in the classroom.  I didn't want to bombard them, so to start off with we learnt about right, acute and obtuse.  I gave the students some string and blu-tac.  They then folded it in half and put the first piece of blu-tac in the middle of the string.  They then put two pieces at the ends and made the angles on their desk.

We looked at what an angle is and discussed the amount of turn is what makes an angle.  I got them to do this on our carpet (lucky my cleaner likes me).  The kids had an absolute blast doing this.  They used the same piece of string they had on their desk.

I found this great FREEBIE from 2Broke Teachers.
Click here to download.
This student hadn't finished underneath but they had to give 3 examples of where these angles can be seen.  Some of the kids also used pasta.  I also used found these great posters from Katee O'Quinn.  I love the catchy phrase to remember obtuse angles. 
Download them here. 
It was such a great week but am I ready for a break and so are the kids.  Only 7 days left to go before our winter break.  Before I go I need to say something really important.......
GO QUEENSLAND!  We have our big State of Origin match on tonight and my team needs to win.

Let's Talk about Books!

Being an early years trained teacher, there is nothing more that I love than reading a good story book.  I enjoy seeing my students get so involved, that they just don't want you to stop reading.  Today I'm linking up with the one and only Deanna Jump to share with you one of my favourite number story books.  I love early years numeracy and whenever I can find a great numeracy story book, I must 'add it to the collection.' 

The book I want to share with you all is:

I love how this story starts
12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 __ 12 What happened to 11?

Is it in the magician's hat?

Maybe it's in the mailbox or hiding in the jack-o'-lantern?
Don't forget to look in the barnyard where the hen awaits the arrival of her new little chicks.
Could that be where eleven went?

Eve Merriam and Bernie Karlin take young readers on a counting adventure as they demonstrate twelve witty and imaginative ways to get to eleven.

This book can be used for many different focuses
  • counting
  • adding on
  • part-part whole
  • number stories
  • subitizing

While reading, I normally give each student 11 counters and we create each number story.

After reading I use this FREE Activity Number 11 Ten Different Ways by Page Protector Printables and More. Before we do this activity, we brainstorm about all of the other ways that we can represent 11.  Such as money, objects etc.

Some students do have difficulty breaking that past 10 barrier.  This book is a great way for students to study the number 11 and what it looks like in many different ways.

Make sure you check out Deanna's new Let's Talk about Books link up - I'm off to check out some other great reads now.

Slides, Flips and Turns

I was looking back at an old post from January the other day.  I laughed because I had written that I was going to do two post a week. Well, least I thought about it haha.  As you know, I  changed year levels mid way through the first term.  A couple of weeks ago we completed our NAPLAN testing.  Man was I/it was stressful but the students had a ball.  We gave them so many treats throughout the 3 days.  Smarties, Nerds and even muffins.  I think at one point they even forgot that they were testing and just wanted the snacks.

In class this week we looked at slides, flips and turns.
We used this great free Transformations Fold-It from Amber Polk.

We also used some great interactive whiteboard games.

Icy flips, slides and turns - http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/icy_slides_flips_turns/

Shapes in motion -

To finish on a sweet note.  One of my past students was having a fundraiser for their out of school sport and asked if I wanted to buy some chocolates.  Of course I said yes, 48 times and ended up with this. 

It's all for a good cause....right!
But not for my belly!!!
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