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Wow, this is my third link up with Deanna's Let's Talk about Books.  I am pretty proud of myself that I have been keeping on top of my blogging.  Here in Aus, the school term is nearly over.  Only 2 more days and then 2 weeks off. 

I am so excited about my new venture that I have started.  It's an Instagram account called whattheteacherwears.  Here, I post outfit ideas suitable for teachers - check it out http://instagram.com/whattheteacherwears.

My book for this is week is one I found through the CAFE Reading forums called

The Boy Who Cried Fabulous!
The only thing Roger likes better than exploring the world around him is describing it. Roger describes most things as fabulous!
What a fabulous man in a fabulous hat.  What a fabulous tie, or perhaps a cravat?  
What a fabulous boot, what a fabulous shoe.  What a fabulous suit made of fabulous blue.  What a fabulous dog, what a fabulous cat.  What a fabulous this, what a fabulous that.  What a fabulous boy, what a fabulous girl.  What a fabulous day, what a fabulous world.
They decided that Roger needed to stop saying fabulous and gawking at everything around town. They told him that fabulous was now the one word that he was NOT allowed to use.  Instead of moping, Roger found different ways to say the same word.
What a wonderful bridge, what a beautiful boat.  What an elegant queen on a dazzling float.  What a glorious band, what a magical song.  
At the end, Roger's parents start to see how he views the world and join along.
This is a great story for
  • Expanding Vocab
  • Synonyms
  • Rhyme
  • The old style of the illustrations
Grab your copy here from The Book Depository
This is where I get most of my books from. 
Check out many other great reads at Mrs Jump's Class.


  1. I love this! My kids always use the same words in their writing. Great way to get them to think of other words. Thanks for sharing.
    A Rill Classroom

  2. What a great book to use as a mentor text for expanding vocabulary! Awesome.
    The Meek Moose


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