Angles, Angles, Angles

Two weeks ago we learnt all about angles.  It was a really fun topic to teach as the students hadn't done any work on this before.  They knew about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties, but not much about angles.  Before we started I asked them what they knew about angles and one of them said that it was something that flew in the sky! 

We did a lot of hands on work at the start of the week making the different types of angles and locating them in the classroom.  I didn't want to bombard them, so to start off with we learnt about right, acute and obtuse.  I gave the students some string and blu-tac.  They then folded it in half and put the first piece of blu-tac in the middle of the string.  They then put two pieces at the ends and made the angles on their desk.

We looked at what an angle is and discussed the amount of turn is what makes an angle.  I got them to do this on our carpet (lucky my cleaner likes me).  The kids had an absolute blast doing this.  They used the same piece of string they had on their desk.

I found this great FREEBIE from 2Broke Teachers.
Click here to download.
This student hadn't finished underneath but they had to give 3 examples of where these angles can be seen.  Some of the kids also used pasta.  I also used found these great posters from Katee O'Quinn.  I love the catchy phrase to remember obtuse angles. 
Download them here. 
It was such a great week but am I ready for a break and so are the kids.  Only 7 days left to go before our winter break.  Before I go I need to say something really important.......
GO QUEENSLAND!  We have our big State of Origin match on tonight and my team needs to win.


  1. Haha! I've never heard the saying "don't let your caboose become obtuse" that is HILARIOUS!!!!
    Mixing it up in Middle

  2. Lori, we must have the same sense of humor. I thought this was HILARIOUS too!! he he

    I think I found it more funny than the kids!!



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