Workin' on it - Minus the Wednesday

Today I'm linking up with the KiderGals for Workin' on it Wednesday/Friday here in Aus.  This is a product that I have been working on for a month now.  I think I have finally found the motivation to get my robot into gear (this will make sense soon) and finish it over the weekend.

When I went to a new year level mid way through the first term, I didn't have many resources for my new grade.  So TpT was my first point of call.  We were looking at 3 digit addition and subtraction.  After the first lesson I knew that my class was ready to work with regrouping.  I went onto TpT but couldn't find exactly what I was after, so I came up with Regrouping Robots.

This pack will have 10 different addition and subtraction activities with and without regrouping.  I just love the robots and of course the are From the Pond - find them here.  Stay tuned because when I have finished there may be some copies up for grabs.

Head over to the KinderGals blog to see what others are workin' on.



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