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 Listening- I had enough of cleaning my room today and came home from work early for once.  I had dinner on the table by 5:30, kitchen cleaned by 6 and ice cream at 6:20.  So while I'm on the computer (working/blogging/shopping) my partner is watching the Simpsons.

 Loving- This is our first Christmas in our house.  Last year I bought a lot of the decorations during the boxing day sales and got some great buys.  I bought lots of gold and silver and decided that I needed a black tree.  We found the perfect one at Masters.

 Thinking- That I have nine days left and then HOLIDAYS!  I am so grateful for this this to spend with family and friends.
 Wanting - For the first time in 3 years I am moving rooms.  I have had a smaller room but it's been my home for 3 years now.  When I first moved in it was an off salmon colour which I couldn't stand.  I got permission to it which I'm so glad I did.  I am actually moving to a whole other year level so I won't be taking much with me.  That's why I wish the magic cleaning elves would appear anytime now!
Favourite Tradition- Every year my Mum insist on playing the worst Christmas CDs ever and I mean ever!  I really don't know where she finds them.  But they have become such a tradition that I couldn't imagine Christmas without them.
 Plus have you checked out the TpT sale yet?

Cyber Sale Time!

It's finally here!  The TpT Cyber Monday Sale is happening right now!  I am so delighted to be participating in the sale.  I have 20% off my entire store, that's right 20% off!! But wait there's more. When you enter the code word CYBER you'll get an extra 10% off. I am so excited as I have already had my first sale.  I can't wait to go shopping myself and  I'll most certainly do a post with some of my great buys.
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