Slides, Flips and Turns

I was looking back at an old post from January the other day.  I laughed because I had written that I was going to do two post a week. Well, least I thought about it haha.  As you know, I  changed year levels mid way through the first term.  A couple of weeks ago we completed our NAPLAN testing.  Man was I/it was stressful but the students had a ball.  We gave them so many treats throughout the 3 days.  Smarties, Nerds and even muffins.  I think at one point they even forgot that they were testing and just wanted the snacks.

In class this week we looked at slides, flips and turns.
We used this great free Transformations Fold-It from Amber Polk.

We also used some great interactive whiteboard games.

Icy flips, slides and turns -

Shapes in motion -

To finish on a sweet note.  One of my past students was having a fundraiser for their out of school sport and asked if I wanted to buy some chocolates.  Of course I said yes, 48 times and ended up with this. 

It's all for a good cause....right!
But not for my belly!!!


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