We have a winner and a lot of new followers!

Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word about my giveaway.  My TpT store has gone up by 35 followers and my lil' old blog has jumped by 33!  The winner of the $25 gift certificate was Kimberley D. 
Sorry for not posting sooner.  We started back at work yesterday, 3 full days of PD.  I had to do a staff presentation today about geography.  FIRST TIME PRESENETING TO STAFF!  Kids, I'm fine.  But colleagues, that's a whole other ball game.  Let's just say that nervous would be an understatement to the way I was feeling.  But it went of without a hitch, I think/hope.  My deputy gave me really good positive feedback. 
I am very lucky that this weekend is a 3 day one!  It will give me extra time to prepare my last minute things.  I was wanting to do a present for my new students to take home on the first day.  I was hoping to tie it in with my under the sea theme.  I am stuck for ideas, but hoping someone can help me?


  1. Your presentation was great (says the Prep teacher who is planning geography for term 2 for the first time ever). Thanks for all the useful information. I only just saw this and didn't get a chance to offer any suggestions for your gift, what did you give? I did an apple picture laminated with a lolly worm and a written blurb reminding parents they are their child's first teacher.

    1. Thanks Jay - checked out your site, you are very talented!! I ended up giving them a folder for them to store all of their work and awards for the year. I also gave them a bag that said O-FishALLY in Year 1 with a pencil and toys. Thanks for your feedback, I was so nervous!! Let me know if you need a hand with geography.

      See you Wedsnesday for the twilight..............



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