Tech Tip Tuesday

Last day of PD today and then back to work with the students on Tuesday. I am excited to meet my new class for the first time.  I suppose that's one of the perks of our job.  We get to have that exciting feeling of the first day of school every year.
I thought I would link up with The Techie Turtle Teacher for Tech Tip Tuesday before I head to work.  (Even though it's Friday here in Aus)
This week's tip is for a fun FREE game called Sight Word Bingo.  If that name doesn't draw you in the catchy music at the start definitely will.

How to Play:
select your level
This game is great too as it tells you what CCSS it covers.

Once you choose your level, I choose Grade 1 here.  The little blog at the top will call out a word and the students have to touch that word.
Here my word was every.
When the students get it right, another blob covers that word.  It they get it wrong, the game prompts them to try again.
When you get four in a row you have BINGO and the game ends.  It also gives you a score report at the end.
There are so many fun free games on this site
Now head over to the Techie Turtle Teacher to get some more great tips!


  1. Hello! I am a new fellow Aussie Blogger from NSW following your site! I am so happy to be following you on this exciting journey! Cant wait to see all of the things you come up with :)

    Kylie From Miss Smartiepants!

  2. Hi Kylie - thanks for following. Always great to meet another Aussie blogger.



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