Tech Tip Tuesday
Before I head off to Edsco today, I thought I would link up with The Techie Turtle Teacher for Tech Tip Tuesday.
This week's tip is for one of my favourite addition games that is free! 
It is called Minko's Milkshake Shoppe.
How to Play:
Each shift has 10 penguins.  Students have to successfully help Minko run the shop by selecting the right answer to the addition that the penguin calls out. This game is great for differentiation as you can choose different levels of addition.
To make a Milkshake:
Click and HOLD on the correct machine until the milkshake is complete.  Then, Minko will take it and give it to the customer.
This game is great for use with interactive whiteboards, as the students can hold down on the machine with their finger.

When students have made the right milkshake, they get a green smiley face. If they get it wrong, they get a red one.
There are 10 sums and each time you play the game they change.  So you can play it again and have a different order of sums.
There are so many fun free games on this site
Now head over to the Techie Turtle Teacher to get some more great tips!


  1. Alex,
    Thanks so much for linking up with me for Tech Tip Tuesday! This looks like a great game and perfect for the winter. I love penguins! Can't wait to share this game with my students!

    Techie Turtle Teacher

    1. No prob Cheryl - thanks for hosting.
      I do love this game, milkshakes and penguins is a winning combo!
      Your number line activity looked great too.



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