QAR - Question Answer Relationships

Hello everyone.  Tonight I thought that I would post about something that we have been discussing and implementing in our teaching at our school, The QAR strategy. The question and answer relationship (QAR) strategy is an awesome way to help students understand different types of questions. By seeing the relationship between the question and the answer, students can identify what type of question they are being asked and what type of answer they will give. 

Why use the question and answer relationship strategy?
  • It develops higher order thinking skills.
  • It teaches students how to ask questions about their reading and where to find the answers to them.
  • It helps students to think about the text they are reading and beyond it, too.
  • It helps student to analyze, comprehend and respond to text concepts
  • It helps refute the common misconception held by students that the text has all the answers.
There are four different types of questions:
  • Right There - The answer is in one place in the text.
  • Think and Search - The answer is in several places in the text.
  • Author and Me - The answer is not in the text.
  • On My Own - The answer is not in the text.
These four types of questions can be put into two categories:
  • In the Book - Right There, Think and Search
  • In my Head - Author and Me, On My Own 
The easiest way to implement QAR is by using question starters when reading a text, either in a small group or whole class discussion.  First, I explicitly go over what QAR is and the four types of questions.  I then read a text with my class and we look at the QAR questions starters.  I also read a text and ask my students' to come with their own QAR questions.  I might say who can give me a 'Right There' question about this text.  It can be quite difficult for students to come up with questions on their own rather just answering the ones we ask. 
Here are some examples of
- Right There question starters
  • How many...
  • Who is...
  • Where is...
- Think and Search question starters
  • What caused..
  • Compare/Contrast...
  • What happened before/after...
- Author and Me question starters
  • What do you predict...
  • What is the theme...
  • What does the author mean...
- On My Own question starters
  • Have you ever...
  • If you could...
  • Do you agree with...
I have created my own set of question starters that I use everyday.  I have them printed and laminated into four different tubs, so I can grab them whenever.  As I am a sucker for cute clipart, I found some very cool moustaches and used them to create 'I moustache you a QAR question'.  Take a look!
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