Storybook Saturday - Nov 2nd 13

Wow, today has been a busy day with lots of cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning! Now that everything is shiny and new again, I thought that I would link up with Paula from Paula's Place for Storybook Saturday.  Today I would like to share a book that I normally read at the start of the year called The Very Ugly Bug. 

A very ugly bug thinks that if she looks like her pretty friends, she will be more beautiful, so she makes herself a disguise. But now she's even tastier looking to the birds. When something strange happens, the ugly bug learns that just being herself is the best defense. The story is simple, however, the message is very clear and one that the class always enjoys.

I normally link in an art activity and we try to make the ugliest bug that we can.


  1. What a great book. Thanks for linking up
    Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

    1. Thanks for hosting Paula! I love your idea of sharing reading books.


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